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Protect Your Job, Family & Privacy and now you get Stop Fucking Popups Free!
Easy Eraser software protects your privacy by erasing your Internet records from your computer. Easy Eraser is simply the best internet eraser!

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You computer is leaking with information about you!

Every website you visit can be found in a file you can not delete on your own! Your computer permanently stores every picture, movie, mp3 and other files you download! Even your offline activities are stored in recently open files. Programs like Media Player, Winzip, Windows Explorer and others. The auto complete feature of your web browser can cause others to end up at sites you have visited.

Stop Fucking Popups is Free with the purchase of Easy Eraser!

Easy Eraser Features:

  • Auto destruct panic button / with self destruct
  • Prevents improper sites changing Home Page
  • Erases 'autocomplete' site addresses
  • Erases Windows Temp Directories
  • Erases Recent Files List
  • Erases Recycle Bin
  • Erases Browser Cache Files
  • Erases Browser Cookies
  • Erases Browser History Logs
  • Uninstall and Reinstall in Seconds
  • Erases Windows hidden index.dat file that you can't!
  • Frees space on your Hard Drive which can make your computer run faster


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Easy Eraser works with all versions of:
Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP

Browsers: Internet Explorer, AOL and Netscape
Free Tech Support from a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Free Upgrades
30 Day Money Back Guarante


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